Linda Hughes, iempoweru May 2017

I help entrepreneurs and small business owners create and improve their online presence. It can be tough stuff. They run full force into long held personal beliefs, “I am not good at math” or “I am not smart enough to do that internet stuff” all the way to “what if I break it?” Hard enough to face those demons, they are all developing marketing strategies that they will implement while trying to DO their business at the same time.

When you are actively involved in learning how to do something new, especially something on the internet, just how do you learn and do at the same time?

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur discusses how to get things done

Here is what I do, now, after making many, many, many mistakes(why can you only see this after the fact?).

First step is deciding if it is something that would be better off done by others, from a time and money perspective. Often for me, plain old curiosity gets in the way of better decision making. I am curious to see if I could pull it off, so I try it, get involved and then find myself in the middle of doing it. Was it worth it just to know something new? Or would my time be better spent in selling existing products/services?

Second step is developing a strategy for learning the new. Big picture to little picture to tasks. I am a deadline nut, so I tie it all to time.

Then I overlay that onto my existing routine of doing the business.

Then I have to massage everything to make it all fit. Tweak the strategy, adjust the doing, extend the time. Finally I have the plan.

Third step is that I intentionally recognize that I am taking on extra obligations and I am doing this to and for myself and my business. So, before I launch out with it all, I vow to not complain about it. I am the boss, I make the decisions on how I spend my time. And since I have chosen to learn something new I don’t get to whine about it, or at least not too much!

And then I just go do it. All of it.

How about you? Really want to know how you handle all of this. Onward and upward!