At IempowerU Online Entrepreneur its about you

We are always being told that it is NOT about us, that it is always about our families, our customers, our strategic partners, the world. It is almost a crime to be thinking about ourselves, especially when we are trying to sell a product or service. But, I say different. Because until we truly know ourselves, our motivations, needs and limitations, how can it really be about anyone else?

Today, I give you permission to make it all about YOU, especially as we plan your online presence and strategy to create it.

Take an in-depth look at yourself and how you are doing business.Contact me to request a survey that will take you through this entire discovery process.Don’t worry about making it all perfect – just get it written down.

Then we can start to create, improve and implement an online business strategy from these answers.

Remember, have fun with this. Isn’t that one of the reasons you started your business in the first place – to have more fun? So, just do it!