Linda Hughes, iempoweru May 2017

Some things are easy to do and even easier not to do. Such is the case with most forms of marketing, but, especially social media marketing. It is easy to put off these tasks in favor of doing the ones that seem to bring the immediate money to you, such as closing a hot sales call, or doing the work that got sold, or talking with clients, or delivering orders. All of these things are necessary too and so much more rewarding, quickly. You make the sale, collect the check and perform the task or service. No guess work or waiting to see if your effort produced results.

Marketing is one of those things that you can postpone while you have the sales coming in. But, what happens when that pipeline runs dry? You got it – nothing – as in, you are out of work and the rent is due in and how are you going to pay those bills? Throwing a tweet out there at this point is so ridiculous, might as well go stick your head in the oven, at least that action would have results that you could see!

I wouldn’t advocate doing that last step, the results will not be pretty. So, what do you do instead?

Don’t let the pipeline run dry.

Easier said than done. I know.

Regarding the tasks involved in doing social media marketing, here are some things that I do, they might work for you. And please, share yours with me.

At IempowerU Online Entrepreneur we do social medial marketing right

First of all, I take the time to develop a strategy. Then, based on that strategy, I block out time in the day, the week or the month for the specific tasks required from my strategy.

Then I do them, at the same time every day, week or month. I decide what tasks can be interrupted, what tasks must be done at that time, and then I just do them.

Sure, there are LOTS of times when I don’t want to, or when I would rather do something else. But, when I am tempted to get distracted, I think about that empty pipeline. And I hate that much more than I do sticking to the routine of my marketing strategy.

As I develop the process of doing, I consider things like:

  • developing keystroke efficiencies for each task
  • saving templates for repetitive actions or steps
  • setting up a work sequence that allows having multiple windows open at one time. I move from one window to the next quickly. As I am saving on one screen I am posting on the next.
  • research and select internet tools that allow you to automate non-critical tasks

Most important of all, when developing your strategy, decide what is critical or non-critical. Example would be that unfollowing people on twitter is non-critical, responding to a true comment from a new follower is critical.

All well and good, but, how do you know if any of this is really doing you any good at all? It seems like you throw those tweets out there every day and still get no response. And how the heck does a tweet lead to getting a client?

Well, that is why you have that social media marketing strategy – same as you do for any other type of marketing. This strategy will be your guide. You will know who, why, what, where and when. There won’t be any guesses and you won’t have to ask that question again. Because in your strategy, you will plan for measuring the success of certain steps and then what to do next.

Using the comment box, let me know the techniques you are using. Until then, onward and upward!