IempowerU Online Entrepreneur asks WHY you want an online presence
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Last month we talked about the “2 Steps To An Online Presence That Does The Work For You”. Step 1 is the least sexy, tedious and time consuming part – strategy and planning. But, without this step, you are going to muck about in a lot of strange places, with no direction, no benchmarks and then give up before you get to an undetermined finish line.

If you are a builder like me, you don’t want to make endless lists and “plans” for the future. You just want to build and correct up as you go! Ok, so let’s do just that. Build and plan at the same time.

Get a piece of paper, a keyboard, a video camera or a recording device and then answer these questions for yourself. Don’t just think about it, you need that cranial space for more important things like remembering the steps required to build this plan!

The WHY Component – why are you creating or improving your online presence in the 1st place?

What are the tremendous possibilities when you do? Not sure? We can talk about this in-depth!
And what power do you unleash when you create an online presence on purpose, as opposed to letting your casual facebook updates do it for you?

And finally, how will this increase the dollars on your business bottom line? It will! I promise!

Take an in-depth look at yourself and why you are doing what you do. Sign up for weekly tips that will take you step by step through this process. Or schedule an appointment for one on one instruction, if you want to get through this project yesterday. Start today or start tomorrow, but, either way you have to get through this step to create this picture of why you are, right now, at this moment. Don’t worry about making it all perfect, just get it written down.

Then we can start to create, improve and implement an online business strategy from these answers.