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You know why, you know who you and your customer are, you are ready to start creating/improving your online presence. But, where do you start? Do you do a website or a blog? Do you jump into social media? Which one? Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, what about You Tube, or Pinterest? What the heck is Stumbleupon or Digg? Do you use Etsy, or Ebay, or Craigslist? Do you post your events on Meetup or Eventbrite or on your blog or website? There is so much to do, so many places to be, and this is just your marketing at this rate, when will you ever have time to do the actual sales and then work? EEEk! Help!

No problem. As with every other aspect of your business, develop and then implement your strategy.

If you are just joining us, please review all of my blogs, in order. All of these blogs help you prepare your strategy to develop YOUR big picture. This big picture will lead you into selecting the tools that will work the best for you, your time and your customers needs. You do NOT have to use them all. Pick the ones that:

– you think will work for you after doing the actions steps listed in each blog post
– learn how to use them properly to accomplish the desired outcome
– give them a fair amount of time to get the desired results
– discard the ones that don’t give those desired results
– keep the ones that do give you results
– adjust your master plan or the strategy you are now designing
– keep going!

Remember my motto: Attempt, fail, improve – if you wait around until your plan and theory feels perfect, you will have missed many if not all of your opportunities for success.

The following 2 tools are where I think you should start to create/improve your online presence.

Click on the title for a wikipediadefinition. Keep in mind that the wikipedia content is submitted by the reader, adjusted, verified when required and presented. These definitions evolve as the users use, learn and participate – Attempt, fail and improve.

A website is your brick and mortar store in cyberspace. Once you get the pages/content set up, you rarely update or add new pages – they are referred to as “static” pages. These can be used as online business cards, brochures, photo albums and catalogs. You can set up a store to sell products from a website.

Eleven years ago, when I started learning how to do all of this, there were not as many options as there are today. Now, there are many diy platforms where you can learn how to set up a website. This will require time, effort and patience, do-able if you really want to. The most important ingredient if you diy, is an open mind. If you think you can you can, conversely, if you think you can’t…

Blogs are like the marketing department for your cyberstore. They can be apart of your website or they can stand alone. I would bet that 85% of all “websites” today are actually blog websites set up on Blog Platforms. A Blog platform allows you to build static pages on the site that can look, feel and be used as your website static pages. Then, on the same site, you can write blog posts. The blog post is an informal way to write an article that your reader can respond to by way of commenting.

You can also sell products and services from a blog with a dedicated url and host. Selling is usually against terms of service of the free blogsite platforms.

At IempowerU Online Entrepreneur, we will host, teach you how to set up, use and maintain your blog website, so contact us when you are ready!

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What Will You Do With Your Blog Website?
Depends on your answers to Why You Want An Online Presence, Who Are You and Who Is Your Customer – read all blog posts in order.

Use your blog website to establish your subject matter expertise online. We will cover specifics of this in future blog posts.

You can sell your products and services directly from your blog website.

Also known as ECommerce
Much more on this in future blog posts so stayed tuned.

Take an in-depth look at yourself and how you are doing business.Sign up for weekly tips that will take you step by step through this process. Or schedule an appointment for one on one instruction, if you want to get through this project yesterday. Start today or start tomorrow, but, either way you have to get through this step to create this picture of why you are, right now, at this moment. Don’t worry about making it all perfect, just get it written down.

Then we can start to select the best tools to create, improve and implement an online business strategy from these answers.