IempowerU Online Entrepreneur Discusses Tracking your ROI With Google Analytics
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How do you know? How do you know if all this frenetic activity and completed “to-do” lists are giving you the return on your investment? First of all, don’t discount anecdotal clues such as reader comments in your blogs, or full engagement in your social media platforms. These are the first signs of success.

For statistical clues, though, you will need to add on some tracking tools. I will not be recommending any of these tools for you in this post. Instead, use these steps to develop a strategy to research/select your own.

Last week we recommended beginning with a website, or a blog, or a blog website. The following recommendations are for selecting tools that will measure statistics on these.

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Step #1: Educate yourself on this topic before you select any tools

Start with terminology. Read thiswikipediaexplanation of the entire topic and of commonly used terms. Get 2nd or 3rd opinions by surfing the web. Before you get crazy about tracking:

  • learn what words to use
  • learn what is being done or tracked
  • determine which of these things will be important to you and your strategy

Select the right tools based on this research:

  • learn how to use them
  • learn how to review the results in the manner the tools creator intended
  • aka: read the directions!

I don’t believe one size fits all – you may want to track different things than I do, so why should we all settle for the same old tool?

On the other hand, don’t become a crazy tool junky either. Stay up to date on new tools/features coming onto the market, but do just pick something, use it and get back to your core business tasks.

I am a proponent of using free tools, especially in the beginning. I want to see how something works first, before I buy it. Get a 30 day free trial on a product that can be upgraded as your needs become more complex.

Step #2: Don’t become obsessed by your site stats.

Don’t look at them every day, every hour or every 10 minutes. Pick a day of the week or month to review your site stats only.

Remember, this is one of the tools of your business, not the only one. You have so many more important things to do each day than obsess over your site stats.

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