Many, many businesses have or are jumping onboard with this form of marketing. Some do it because they are told that it is the thing to do. Many stumble around by themselves, trying to make it work. Some of those stay at it until they figure it out, many just quit and say, “Oh I tried that social media stuff and it doesn’t work.” A few, like you, may get help understanding how to actually do it right. You will save time and money and get to your results quicker, because social media marketing really does work.

This form of marketing is used industry-wide by companies marketing their products and services. There are some industries that thrive and some that are just getting started with it.Make an appointment to find out if your industry is using social media.

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What To Expect:

Here are the things to expect from using this form of relationship marketing:

It will absolutely allow you to:

  • Establish yourself as the subject matter expert within a given niche globally

Don’t try to be all things to all people, pick 1 thing and differentiate yourself from everyone else by your extreme awesome expertise in that 1 thing.

  • Connect with strategic partners globally
  • Connect with mentors and experts within your industry on a global scale 
  • Connect with potential customers globally – connect to not sell to
  • Create and finetune your brand in real time

You may have a general idea of what that will be, but as your market utilizes your content, they will finetune it to suit them. Be ready to respond immediately to this by having a plan on how you will handle this – Example: negative branding.

  • Conduct real time market research

Have a plan, be specific

  • Create a product or a service that people will actually want to buy

This can happen only if you are willing to be flexible to your marketplace. Is it possible to finetune your products or services to suit their demands? Do you want to? Of do they want something different altogether? Is that possible or even of interest?

  • Have a bottomless lead generation source
  • Experiment with your marketing system until you get it right without burning too many leads

My motto – attempt, fail, improve

  • Create a community of raving fans that keep coming back for more of your products/services

This means you have to give them something of value, then give them more when they return!

  • Monitor, track and respond immediately to feedback about your brand, products and services

Don’t forget that follow up plan!

  • Which will then allow you to fix customer service issues

Next month: When to expect results from your social media marketing efforts. Make an appointment if you need help creating/improving your social media marketing strategy.