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This is marketing, not sales. This is a way for you to:

  • Position yourself to be found by your target market
  • Make contact with them
  • Develop trust with them

The results you get are determined by you.

Make sure you determine if you have the time and money resources to do this yourself or if you need to outsource it. Contact us either way for assistance.

Do not start developing your social media persona until you or your chosen representative can be consistent and dedicated.

If you can be consistent and dedicated, you should expect to see these results:

  • Establish yourself as the subject matter expert within a given niche globally –6 mos.
  • Connect with strategic partners globally –immediately
  • Connect with mentors and experts within your industry on a global scale –immediately
  • Connect with potential customers globally – connect not sell to –immediately
  • Create and finetune your brand in real time – from day one as you have contact with everyone
  • Conduct real time market research- immediately, best results at about a year
  • Create a product or a service that people will actually want to buy – immediately
  • Have a bottomless lead generation source – immediately
  • Experiment with your marketing system until you get it right without burning too many leads – immediately
  • Create a community of raving fans that keep coming back for more of your products/services – immediately, momentum will start to build at 6 months onward
  • Monitor, track and respond immediately to feedback about your brand, products and services – immediately, noticeable at about a year
  • Which will then allow you to fix customer service issues –a year onward

Very Important Note:

Be very clear about this. The keywords here are consistent, dedicated and delivered.

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur says the people won't buy from you until they know, like and trust you

People willNOTbuy from you until they know like and trust you.

It is harder to establish these things online. You do that by being consistent in everything you do. Adopt the attitude of “I always do this, I never do that and I always do it in the same way at the same time every day, week, month, year.”

Initiate contact, engage with and follow up every business day with your target market using the tools that you will select.

Be very clear about who your target market is,Make an appointment if you need help with this.

And then, deliver, engage, implement. Thinking about it only will not get you anywhere.