IempowerU Online Entrepreneur asks you to list what social media marketing you have in place now

Every day I get info on the newest, latest, greatest super innovative technology that is designed to make our business internet relationship building lives easier. There is a new social media tool available almost every day that will help us all become more organized, make better connections faster and bring us more meaningful relationships. All we have to do is sign up, sign on, osmose how to use it, and then let the technology work its magic. And if we are just too busy to do it for ourselves, we can outsource it!

But, the only magic we keep creating for ourselves is that we find better, faster ways for more of our machines to talk to each other. And if we outsource it, that means we have now interjected a third set of machines into this mix, so our relationships will develop more efficiently and be the richer for it. And while our machines are having this fantastic relationship better, faster and without us, we keep searching.

Hmmm. That is because all of these apps, programs, softwares etc are TOOLS. They are tools to enable us to do what we want better, faster, cheaper. But they are still just tools. We still have to decide what it is that we want, when we want it, how we want it and why. And then we have to personally engage in this process – get our hands dirty mucking about with other human beings. You know, engaging in that messy process of meshing with anothers moods, emotions, motives, differences, ideals, values and perspectives!

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur shares that social media is a tool to creating a successful business


A carpenter uses a hammer as one of his/her tools.


The carpenter must first decide what they are doing – why do they even need a hammer. Are they building an addition, nailing on a roof, installing drywall or finishing a door?


Is the project ready for the carpenter to use his hammer? Would a carpenter use his hammer to frame exterior walls on an addition before the foundation was poured?


How will he use his hammer? Does he have the proper skills, understanding for the techniques involved in using that hammer over the other one? Does he understand the risks between them?


Why should he use this hammer over that one? It seems like that finish nailer is so much faster than using the framing axe – but which will give the results needed for that task?

And finally, the carpenter and his work have to please someone or he won’t be hired back. That means he has to put his nail in the wall at the same time he is developing a relationship of trust with his boss, co-workers or client.

Uh oh! Here we go with that relationship building thing again! Isn’t there an iphone app that can do that while I pound this nail in the wall?