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We listed many of these tools in the Online Marketing & Implementation Series, although there will never be a complete list. This list has already grown since we created that list, because using the internet is a constantly evolving process.

By the time we finish creating this post, there will be new things to add and existing things will have changed or are on their way out.

That is what causes the most excitement and anxiety all at the same time. So, what do you do? If those of us that do it for a living can barely keep up, how are you supposed to? Stay tuned, keep your eyes open, pay attention. And don’t use this as an excuse to do nothing at all.

As you sit back and review the action steps that go with this post, you will start to see a pretty clear picture taking shape.

This picture will lead you into selecting the tools that will work the best for you, your time and your customers needs. You doNOThave to use them all. Pick the ones that:

  • you think will work for you after doing the actions steps
  • learn how to use them properly to accomplish the desired outcome
  • give them a fair amount of time to get the desired results
  • discard the ones that don’t give those desired results
  • keep the ones that do give you results
  • adjust your master plan or the strategy you are now designing
  • keep going!

Click on the titles listed below for a definition of each tool. I chosewikipediaas the source of this definition. Keep in mind that wikipedia is a great example of what we discussed earlier. The content is submitted by the reader, adjusted, verified when required and presented. These definitions evolve as the users use, learn and participate.

Ten cents worth of opnion at IempowerU Online Entrepreneur

**When I think it is important, I will add my ten cents worth.


A website is your brick and mortar store in cyberspace. Once you get the pages/content set up, you rarely update or add new pages – they are referred to as “static” pages. These can be used as online business cards, brochures, photo albums and catalogs. You can set up a store to sell products from a website.

Ten cents worth of opnion at IempowerU Online Entrepreneur

Strictly speaking, a traditional website is not as hot for social media marketing as a blog website. Eight years ago, when I started learning how to do all of this, there were not as many options as there are today. Now, there are many diy platforms where you can learn how to set up a website. This will require time, effort and patience, do-able if you really want to. The most important ingredient if you diy, is an open mind. If you think you can you can, conversely, if you think you can’t…


Blogs are like the marketing department for your cyberstore. They can be apart of your website or they can stand alone. I would bet that 85% of all “websites” today are actually blog websites set up on Blog Platforms. Blog platforms allows you to build static pages on the site that can look, feel and be used as your website static pages. Then, on the same site, you can write blog posts. The blog post is an informal way to write an article that your reader can respond to by way of commenting.

Ten cents worth of opnion at IempowerU Online Entrepreneur

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur is an example of a website built on a blogging platform. We are strong advocates of blog websites for so many reasons. The most important one is that it is a reasonably priced, easier way for a beginner to build a site and get started in promoting their businesses online.

Ten cents worth of opnion at IempowerU Online Entrepreneur

You can also sell products and services from a blog with a dedicated url and host. Selling is usually against terms of service of the free blogsite platforms.

Social Media

It is no longer a question of “does it work”, but, “why aren’t you doing it?” That being said, do it for the right reasons and that will be determined as we build your online and social media strategy. When you determine which of these elements will be right for you, we will then develop/implement and track your social media strategy.



These are social media profiles. Profiles are online equivalents to the living room of your home. They are inviting, friendly, personal places to hang out in with friends, family and selected business associates. When considering these profiles, ask yourself if you would invite that person into your home to discuss your business. If not, then there will be other options. These profiles arenotthe most intimate rooms in your house, so behave accordingly.


This is a social profile that is the online waiting room of your cyber business office. You would invite your business associates to this waiting room. And you control whether you ever want to invite them to go to your office from the waiting room. You also might not want to invite your grandma to this place.

Ten cents worth of opnion at IempowerU Online Entrepreneur

For those of you that are coming here from other countries, you will have your own social profiles. In this case, please share this information with us, and our thanks in advance.



These are 2 of over 100 sites referred to as social bookmarking sites. They behave in a similar fashion to bookmarking that you are familiar with – you like a site, you bookmark it so that you can come back to it. But, what if you want to share a site with another person and you don’t have your computer? You can if you have created an account with a social bookmarking site. You just enter your account, share and move on.

Ten cents worth of opnion at IempowerU Online Entrepreneur

Bookmarking sites are the cyber library in your home or office. They store information just like a library would. They all have rules of behavior and get a little put out if you don’t abide by the rules – so beware. As I have experimented with all of these platforms, I have been kicked off my fair share of the bookmarking sites. With the exception of the 2 I listed above, I personally think that most of them are much adieu about nothing. And yes, that applies specifically to Reddit.


Tumblr is a micro-blogging site with some features of a profile and some of a bookmarking site. It’s another way to post your own blog, or to write directly on theirs.


These 2 are combinations of a social profile and a social bookmark. They allow you to connect with people(profile) and information(bookmarks). Twitter is words conveyed at 140 characters at a time. Pinterest is for pictures and infographics pinned to a board- each one worth a 1000 words.


Great for those who are using photos and videos to promote their businesses.
Whew! So many choices! How do you decide which ones to use? Don’t worry, we will review all of the listed tools to make the best choices for you, your objectives and your time.



Either of these will be great for you if you have or plan on having videos of content that relate to your business. Each of these movie social networking sites have things that make them great. We will review each with you and help you decide which one is the better one for you. We will also use them to accelerate your online marketing techniques.

Article Marketing

This option will be great for those of you that have already written a lot of content on your subject matter expertise.

It is also a great option if you plan on writing an abundance of content.

Webinar Marketing

This option is for those of you that enjoy presenting your content to groups of people. It is also a great way to teach your material on a global scale. Lot of options here: you can tape a live presentation and air it online. Or you can conduct the presentation live online.


This is a global online marketplace for hand made products. Great for certain types of products, strategy is key. You will generate sales from this account. More importantly, we will show you how to use it to accelerate the results of many of your online marketing techniques.


The global yard sale – you can find anything anywhere for any price, way more accessible than ebay. Which means you can sell anything anywhere for any price using Craigslist. However, there are some things that will sell better than others. There are rules of behavior that you will need to learn, including how to protect your safety – physically and intellectually. So strategy is key. More importantly, we will use it to accelerate the results of many of your online marketing techniques.



If you host regular events, these 2 sites are a MUST. If this is the case, we will show you how to get set up with them, teach you a few of the nuances that make your efforts count. And then we will use your accounts to accelerate the results of many of your online marketing techniques.

Ten cents worth of opnion at IempowerU Online Entrepreneur

There are also numerous “consumer reporting” sites that operate like social profiles and allow users to critique, review or rate small businesses. These tend to be very industry specific and predominantly business to consumer. We will discuss these with you on a case by case basis.

This is not a complete list, as more sites are coming online every day. These are the biggies and the ones that we use in our system. If you have heard of one not listed, or want us to research one, pleasecontact us.