Learn from IempowerU Online Entrepreneur how to select a username

Selecting your social media username will be one of the most important things that you do, when starting your social media marketing. This name has the potential to become your brand, not just locally, but nationally and globally. If done correctly, you will be using this name to create a following or a community of strategic partners, experts, mentors, prospects and customers around your subject matter expertise. Selecting this username is the first step in a very time consuming process. Let’s make the most of this step and that time now, by considering all of the ramifications of this process.

Such as:

  • In addition to being a name used to tweet with, could it also be part of the url that you select for your blog or website?
  • Could it be turned into your business name?

When looked at from these angles, you realize that there is much more that goes into the selection of this name than you originally thought. Because of this, we ask you to select it with care.

Start Here – What Stage Of Business Are You In Today?

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur talks about the idea stage of your business

Idea Stage:

We believe that you can and should use a social media platform to test the waters, shape and mold that idea into something that people will want to buy. Exception would be if your idea is in the process of being protected with patents, trademarks or copyrights. This may limit what you say and how you proceed, so check with your legal counsel before you start.

No matter what, it is our recommendation that if you are in the idea stage, you should create a personal social media platform first, selecting your own name, or a version of your name that is still available. Example: when selecting my first username, I tried to get my name @LindaMHughes but it was not available. So I researched different versions of my name, including initials of my middle name and maiden name – lindambhughes and that was available.

We make this recommendation because at the idea stage, you just don’t know how things are going to be adjusted or changed, or abandoned.

As it solidifies into a bonafide startup/business, you can then create your business social media platform. And if you change or abandon this idea, it won’t matter from a social media perspective. You will still be able to stand tall and proud on the personal platform that you have created.

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur talks about the idea stage of your business

Startup Stage:

Entrepreneurs tend to be a very fluid, flexible group of people. They may start with an idea/structure today that evolves rapidly. This evolution may actually change the entire scope of their project. A name created today may end up being invalid and actually a liability by the end of the year. Changing your username, brand and the community that goes with this is very expensive both from a time and money perspective. To avoid having to change, use the solution recommended for the idea stage.

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur works with small businesses

Existing Business:

When your idea evolves into a startup and when your startup evolves into a business, then you are ready to create the business social media presence. If you are entering this discussion with a fully evolved business and customer base, we recommend that you create a social media presence for the business. Later, when you know how to do this and can manage the time required, you can fall back and build your personal social media presence.

We recommend that you either use the business name, or the name of your flagship product or service for a social media username.