Learn how to create a strong social media bio at IempowerU Online Entrepreneur
Learn how to create a strong social media bio at IempowerU Online Entrepreneur Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


If you have done everything in the order we suggest(review the last 4 posts), you have:

  • Prioritized what you want your social media marketing to do for you
  • Listed the required timeframe next to each of those tasks
  • Selected the tools that are most appropriate to you and your business
  • Chosen the username that will work for the short and long run

It is now time to create your social media biography. Regardless if you are writing a personal or a business biography, this is how you will introduce yourself or your products/services to the world. It explains:

  • who you are
  • your skills
  • your experience
  • your motivations & passions
  • your plan

It is your story. Please check out the articles posted by Jerry Brown for pointers on writing a story that gets read.

And this is the most important point to be made – write a biography that others will want to read. This is not a dry resume in an application for a job that will be filed when you get hired. This is your story.

At IempowerU Online Entrepreneur we do social medial marketing right

Because the allowable characters will differ between social media platforms, write the total complete biography first and save it to a file you can access quickly. Then take the major elements from this one to create all of the others, adjusting for length and focus. Doing it this way will help ensure that your story/message stays consistent between platforms. I would also recommend that you keep the same avatar for each platform. You can always change them periodically for a little variety.

This may become boring to you, but, this consistency will create a level of trust with the people who follow, friend or connect with you. This trust means that they will begin to rely on and turn to you for a specific subject matter expertise.


  • Get bogged down in perfection, write it down, perfect as you get time
  • My motto: attempt, fail, improve.


  • Get started right away, you need this biography written to get started
  • Adjust it as you get time and more comfortable with it
  • Adjust it as you see how others respond to it