I am very excited to start offering Weekly Tips to all my favorite, longterm clients as well as any new ones that want to join us. We officially start on Monday, June 15, so stay tuned!

Let me tell you all about it!

Find more customers and make more money with help from IempowerU Online EntrepreneurEach Monday-Friday, I am going to share a new tip with you – and it will be a LOT more than a 140 character blip on the screen. It is going to be a something that you really need to know, shared by 4 bite size emails, on why you need it, what it’s all about, and most importantly how you do it. Or, if you are too busy, how I can do it for you! I will include combinations of action steps, checklists, reports and videos. These tips will be about what you need to know to be able to use the internet to help you find more customers to make more money in your businesses.

What exactly do I mean by that last sentence?


At IempowerU Online Entrepreneur we help you save time so you can make more moneyThe technology of promoting your business online evolves so rapidly. Recently there have been developments that I wanted to share with my client community. I know it will help them improve their entire online experience. But, they are busy, I am busy, how can I reach them quickly? I want to let them know of the updates, revisions, changes. But, I also want them to know how to do it… so that they are on the cutting edge no matter how busy they are running their businesses!

They needed to know yesterday and they only have a minute to spare today… so it has to be quick, fast and only what they need to know to keep rolling along. And as always, it has to deliver ROI, or it’s not worth them taking that minute today to do it!


So, then I was thinking, maybe there are others out there that would benefit from these Weekly Tips too. And then this idea got bigger, more organized and had to be spit shined! My natural “builder” tendencies made me want to rush right out and build. But, then, as I caution all my clients, a little bit of planning now, relieves a lot of stress later.

3rd – and most important to all of us!

As part of my own regular quarterly review and business planning, I was sitting at the table thinking, just what is it that I do for my clients. Online and social media marketing strategy and implementation that includes website blog building, community site building, content writing, keywords, seo, social media postings and engagement, lead generation, marketing to sales conversion. Sure I do all those things and for me they are VERY exciting – I love doing them. But, my clients only want to know enough to…. or listen long enough to…. And I notice when I get off on an excited tangent on the different ways we could do this or that, their eyes glaze over. So, what is the bottom line service I provide for them… possibly for you?

Eureka! Get those lightbulb idea moments at IempowerU Online EntrepreneurEureka! it hit me right between the eyes! I help them learn what they need to know to find more customers & make more money from their websites and online presence! And I save them time and money doing it. Throw in some accountability and team work and presto! That is what I do.

As important is what I do NOT do. I don’t believe in promoting get “rich quick schemes” or brow beating people with endless emails of junk. When I contact people I want both of us to get something very meaningful from that contact.

So, if this sounds like something you need and want, sign up for the Weekly Tips – because the internet keeps evolving with or without us. And those customers have to go somewhere to get served… might as well be to you!

Light Bulb Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net