IempowerU Online Entrepreneur asks what content style is best: text, audio, videoIempowerU Online Entrepreneur Asks: What Content Style Is Better – Text, Audio, Video?

The better question to ask is, “what will my site visitor expect?”

If you are a musician promoting a new single or album, they will expect to be able to hear that music. Providing a text version of the words would allow them to sing along with their now favorite song. Viewing a video of you performing the music would probably seal the deal.

If you are a dance teacher, promoting a new class, they will expect to see a schedule, class description, price and sign up details. If they saw a video of students who had taken that same class, they would know 2 things at once. They would know if they liked the music, and could gauge if they “fit in” to the style and group. If they heard or read testimonials from excited students, that would probably seal the deal.

If you are a teacher, coach or consultant of any kind, your readers would probably like to read about you first. Reading testimonials from satisfied students, or clients would be a great first step. Low cost podcasts would be a way for them to judge your presentation style. And posting a lowcost webinar would probably seal the deal.

Great! This sounds fantastic! Time consuming, expensive and what comes first the chicken or the egg? Do you need all 3 presentation styles before you can go live with the website?


IempowerU Online Entrepreneur discusses how to get things donePick the content delivery style that your visitor will most expect. Chances are you already have that material available. You know – the song/album recording and words, the class schedule, the testimonials from satisfied customers.

Then, create the other styles as you go. Use every opportunity that presents itself to add to your content library. Post it. Don’t worry about perfection – attempt, fail, improve, post it.

And most of all, enjoy the process – that will come through in every content piece you produce. Onward and upward!