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Iempoweru Online Entrepreneur Reviews Customer Expectations Of Your Website

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur Reviews Customer Expectations Of Website Form And FunctionIempoweru Online Entrepreneur Reviews Customer Expectations Of Your Website Form And Function. Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about whether substance is more important than style when it comes to building and maintaining your website/blog.

My conclusion is that a “stylish” site makes the visitor feel at ease, so that they will take the time to view your “substance”. The “style” must also be a match with the subject matter.

For example, an attorney might not be taken seriously if her website looked more like it belonged to an exotic dancer. Or vice versa. The site visitor has an expectation of what they will encounter before they even arrive. This expectation includes “style” and “substance” – form and function.

When that expectation has been met, vistors return often and begin to know and like the author/owner of the site. They begin to believe in the subject matter expertise being conveyed. It is reinforced by that site owner taking the time to do things “right” – to layout their information in the ways that we have all come to expect it to be laid out.

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur Discusses Sales Process ExpectationsPart of the expectation will be that at some time along the way, that site owner will ask the visitor to buy something. But, before anyone parts with their hard earned money for a product or a service, they should expect certain steps to be taken by the seller. And no matter how “stylish” or how “substantive” that site appears to be, if those steps are not included, most visitors will not complete the transaction.

These steps usually include but are not limited to:

  • being directed to a shopping cart or a sales page, usually too long, littered with all the reasons why they should buy
  • listing options to buy the free, good, better, best service
  • being able to scroll down to the bottom to get to the price and point

The click to buy, usually goes directly to a payment gateway where it is expected to see:

  • “https:” in the url for that page signifying that it is a secured page/site
  • requests for name, address and phone number
  • requests for shipping address if different
  • requests for quantities, unique choice options- like size or color and maybe a special notes section
  • requests for credit card information to include the infamous “security code” on the back
  • info/details on how and when to expect delivery of both physical and/or digital products and services

Also expected is to have to verify some type of “terms of service” or legal acceptance as well as to get several opportunities to opt out, before the final “submit” button is pushed.

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur discusses developing customer trust in an online transactionsAnd after that button is pushed, expect a thank you email and/or a receipt email immediately.

If it is a digital product, expect to see a download button in one of those emails.

And if it is a physcial product, expect to see tracking numbers and regular status updates until receipt of the product.

And all of those expectations lead to trust with that site owner and wanting to come back for more of their goodies.

Onward and upward!

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We Are Launching The New Weekly Tips… Monday, June 15!

I am very excited to start offering Weekly Tips to all my favorite, longterm clients as well as any new ones that want to join us. We officially start on Monday, June 15, so stay tuned!

Let me tell you all about it!

Find more customers and make more money with help from IempowerU Online EntrepreneurEach Monday-Friday, I am going to share a new tip with you – and it will be a LOT more than a 140 character blip on the screen. It is going to be a something that you really need to know, shared by 4 bite size emails, on why you need it, what it’s all about, and most importantly how you do it. Or, if you are too busy, how I can do it for you! I will include combinations of action steps, checklists, reports and videos. These tips will be about what you need to know to be able to use the internet to help you find more customers to make more money in your businesses.

What exactly do I mean by that last sentence?


At IempowerU Online Entrepreneur we help you save time so you can make more moneyThe technology of promoting your business online evolves so rapidly. Recently there have been developments that I wanted to share with my client community. I know it will help them improve their entire online experience. But, they are busy, I am busy, how can I reach them quickly? I want to let them know of the updates, revisions, changes. But, I also want them to know how to do it… so that they are on the cutting edge no matter how busy they are running their businesses!

They needed to know yesterday and they only have a minute to spare today… so it has to be quick, fast and only what they need to know to keep rolling along. And as always, it has to deliver ROI, or it’s not worth them taking that minute today to do it!


So, then I was thinking, maybe there are others out there that would benefit from these Weekly Tips too. And then this idea got bigger, more organized and had to be spit shined! My natural “builder” tendencies made me want to rush right out and build. But, then, as I caution all my clients, a little bit of planning now, relieves a lot of stress later.

3rd – and most important to all of us!

As part of my own regular quarterly review and business planning, I was sitting at the table thinking, just what is it that I do for my clients. Online and social media marketing strategy and implementation that includes website blog building, community site building, content writing, keywords, seo, social media postings and engagement, lead generation, marketing to sales conversion. Sure I do all those things and for me they are VERY exciting – I love doing them. But, my clients only want to know enough to…. or listen long enough to…. And I notice when I get off on an excited tangent on the different ways we could do this or that, their eyes glaze over. So, what is the bottom line service I provide for them… possibly for you?

Eureka! Get those lightbulb idea moments at IempowerU Online EntrepreneurEureka! it hit me right between the eyes! I help them learn what they need to know to find more customers & make more money from their websites and online presence! And I save them time and money doing it. Throw in some accountability and team work and presto! That is what I do.

As important is what I do NOT do. I don’t believe in promoting get “rich quick schemes” or brow beating people with endless emails of junk. When I contact people I want both of us to get something very meaningful from that contact.

So, if this sounds like something you need and want, sign up for the Weekly Tips – because the internet keeps evolving with or without us. And those customers have to go somewhere to get served… might as well be to you!

Light Bulb Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Next Step: Create A Vibrant Community Of Like-minded People

You are now well into creating/improving your online presence. You are in the groove using the right internet tools for all the right reasons – your reasons. You have begun to use the internet to promote your subject matter expertise. All is well on the homefront – now what?

Next Step: Create A Vibrant Community Of Like-minded People who share in your collective hopes and dreams for the future.

Make an appointment to discuss how to do this. We would love to share our step by step system with you. Then, use what you will, add what you know, experiment with what you think might work and have fun! And whatever you do, ignore the urge to automate the accumulation of mass numbers of followers, connections and friends – just for the sake of having big numbers and looking important.

Instead, look beyond those “numbers”, the mechanics of “how-to” use the tools, and see the people. Realize that behind your marketing plan and their 140 characters there is a real person that may become your greatest friend, mentor, strategic partner, vendor, employee or customer. And then treat them with utmost respect and care.

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur will show you how to create a community of raving fansFrom Neanderthal man and the campfire to smart phones and tweets, we crave the need to celebrate our lives with others. So take the time now to do that with all the folks who showed up in your tweet stream and on your walls.

  • Who are they?
  • What do they do?
  • What do they think about….?
  • How do they feel about….?
  • How can you make their lives better?

Ask yourself these questions… and then ask them! More importantly, listen to them when they give you their answers. Shelf your agenda and hear them – heart to heart. And then respond the same way.

Make your online presence one that leads with authenticity, transparency and true depth – one that serves the people who stop by to learn what you are all about. You have captured their attention and interest – now don’t disappoint!

Onward and upward!

Using The Internet To Promote Your Subject Matter Expertise

As I stated in a previous post, the first thing you should expect, and aim for with internet marketing is to use the internet to promote/build your subject matter expertise.

You know and your immediate circle of family, friends and customers may know that you are a subject matter expert. But is that enough to sustain your rock star business?

If not, we can definitely help you with that! By participating in Power Teams, we can get you rock star status in a very short period of time.

How to strengthen your subject matter expertise at IempowerU Online EntrepreneurTo the right is an example of what we do every day. This is a page listing the top people on twitter for the keyword “international business”. They earn their rank by the quality of their content and level of active engagement with their social media communities, specifically twitter.

Becky DeStigter, in 1st position with a score of 100% is my community site – Entrepreneur Community Online’s 1st Follower(watch the video on this page). She has been in this position now for several years years. The highlighted names are past or current members of ECO Power Teams, all of them used the power teams to get started.

Their diligence and consistency in creating/maintaining/improving their online presence is very clear from this list. And don’t think for one minute that their expertise stops at this list. It extends out into a growing presence online. And that presence is translating directly to their bottom line. When you become the “go-to” person in your industry, people go to you and pay you handsomely for that expertise.

How do you get this for yourself – how do you build/strengthen/promote your own subject matter expertise online? As we have been discussing in all of my previous blog posts:

  • you have to develop an overall online strategy
  • part of which will be to develop a social media marketing strategy

Then, if it fits within your strategies, I recommend that you become a member of an ECO Power Team. One purpose of the power team is to show you how to do this as you go. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment so that we can discuss your questions.