Iempoweru Online Entrepreneur – If You Need To DIY:

At IempowerU Online Entrepreneur we help you save time so you can make more money

DIY: we teach you how to do it yourself

Your time is your most valuable resource. Don’t waste it trying to learn things that we already know and are willing to share. Do your due diligence on this: read testimonials from other entrepreneurs that we have worked with.

What Do We Teach You?

We teach you how to do the mechanics of being online. For 10 years, we have taught these things to CEO’s in many types of businesses, at all stages and sizes. We know what works… and more importantly, what doesn’t. And the one thing we know is that you needed to know this yesterday and won’t have any time tomorrow!

Specifically, we will help you design & implement an on-going online marketing & social media strategy:
To include teaching you how to:
— understand & use keywords
— create a blog/website
— devise & implement a content plan
— fully understand & use SEO
— setup & operate the right social media tools
— engage your target market

To create a thriving online community of strategic partners, vendors, employees and customers!

How Do We Teach You?

Once a week we will send you a tip on how to either create or improve your existing online presence. Also available with each tip are checklists, surveys, pdf’s of instructions that you can download.  All you have to do is sign up for and implement the weekly tips.

We can also schedule personal training sessions that will fit your immediate needs and time. We will use combinations of written, audio and visual materials by way of email, post, video, podcast, webcast, screenshare, phone and video conferencing. Whatever works the best for you.

How Much Does This Cost?

Depends on how much you need and want to learn!

Make an appointment to discuss your unique situation with me!