Iempoweru Online Entrepreneur: Outsource To Us!

Iempoweru Online Entrepreneur: What Services Do We Provide?

Outsourcing to us means that we will do the tasks required to implement your on-going online & social media marketing strategy. Doing these tasks will mean that you can use your website to find more customers to make more money on the internet.

These tasks may include all or part of the following services:

On-Going Strategy & Implementation Of Your Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing To Include:

  • On-going startegy sessions,
  • Identifying/finding your target market,
  • Keywords,
  • Building blog/website,
  • Crafting your messaging,
  • Content plan, posting to your blog on a pre-determined schedule,
  • SEO,
  • Setup/operating social media,
  • Strengthening your online subject matter expertise,
  • Engaging target market,
  • Converting marketing to sales,
  • Product launching
  • Turning your single site into a members platform for your thriving community of strategic partners, vendors, employees and customers!

This outsourcing service is available to you even if you haven’t followed our system from day 1. All of us come from many different backgrounds and levels of experience with business, marketing and the internet. Our system is built around this – jump in where you are. We will help you move forward, filling in any gaps as we hit them!

Great! How do you get started? What’s next?

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