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We are excited to work with you personally at IempowerU Online Entrepreneur Monday-Thursday 12:00 pm to 5 pm(Mountain Time). In the contact form on this page, please send us 3 dates/times that would work the best for you. We will review our schedule and match up with yours or offer alternatives. Please review the following:

Discovery Meeting:

Please be prepared to discuss recent successes, challenges and what you need next. When I confirm your appointment time/date, I will include a link/password to what we call an “Online Presence Discovery Form”. Please complete the survey – takes 10 minutes, submit it and I will review it before our phone appointment. This way we can start solving your challenges immediately.

This survey will help to pinpoint whether you are on a DIY, Team or Outsourcing Track.

DIY Instruction Time:

Learn online & social media marketing tactics at IempowerU Online EntrepreneurYou may choose to learn how to use your existing website to find more customers to make more money. Instruction is conducted by phone, video conferencing or in person. When scheduling this time, make sure that you have purchased and installed your training downloads. Also, make sure you have done your homework, otherwise let’s reschedule until you have.

ECO Power Team Strategy/Brainstorming Sessions:

Implement your online marketing strategy with IempowerU Online Entrepreneur and The ECO Power TeamsVideo conferencing links will be made available at confirmation of date/time of session.

When requesting to schedule one of these sessions, please pick a time when you can have all team members present, logged in and ready to discuss the on-going strategies of your team.

Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing Strategy & Implementation Meeting:

Outsource your online & social media marketing to IempowerU Online EntrepreneurOutsourcing to us means that we will do the tasks required to implement your on-going online & social media marketing strategy.  Doing these tasks will mean that you can use your website to find more customers to make more money on the internet. When requesting an appointment to discuss this, please make sure that you have completed and submitted the “Online Presence Discovery Form” mentioned in the Discovery Meeting. Please allocate a full hour for this meeting.