I am a member of the ECO China Power Team. Before explaining what the China Power Team does, let me say a word about ECO ? the Entrepreneurs Community Online. In a sense the name says it all. ECO brings together people who are building businesses, anything from a company making robotic security guards to a startup making leather cases for iPads to people like me developing international consulting businesses. In addition to helping us learn how to use the internet and social media to develop our businesses, ECO provides a forum for entrepreneurs to share experiences and insights with each other. Knowing that other people face the same challenges I do is helpful in and of itself. But of still more value to me has been the opportunity to share not only problems but solutions to problems with like-minded business people.

An ECO Power Team brings together the strengths of a small group of entrepreneurs whose businesses are focused in the same area. I am currently working with three other people who have China-related businesses. While our business interests overlap, none of us are direct competitors. The relationships that I have developed with the other team members are downright powerful. All of us are richer and more successful for these contacts. As we share our experiences and ideas about the future, synergies and possible areas of cooperation emerge. After several months in the China Power Team, I am developing a strong partnership with one team member and finding ways to work together on specific projects with a second team member. The invaluable support of my Power Team colleagues has been a real confidence builder as I move ahead developing my business.

As entrepreneurs, we commit to doing a great deal on our own. Joining an ECO Power Team has given me a place to share some of the burdens and the support I need to help me grow.

Copied from email with permission 5/19/13: