Being new in on this subject of social media, I’m happy to share with you my experience with – ECO.

Having the need to promote our product with zero budget I had run into one of Linda Hughes’s tweets and took her invitation to introduce myself to her.

That has happened less than a month ago. I started with building a twitter account from zero, and I can happily say my account has already gained more than 130 followers, most of them related to our target market and through some of those we got promotions and business opportunities.

For me ECO was not only a “crash course” with very good intuitive video tutorials that gave me the basic tools for building my social media presence. I found a group of experts motivated to help each other with their expertise.

Being able to approach Linda on any simple question I may have, getting quick and useful answers, have helped me a lot. I was not promised to have instant results without efforts, but implementing the new knowledge I got along with having constant support and backup, I feel I found a great place to start my experience in the social media world. I suggest you visit the site and read a little to see if it can suit you too. Good luck!