Well, you found your way here. Congratulations! I know a lot about you already by that fact. You are hungry, smart and curious. You see things a bit differently than most of the folks you know. You know there is a better way and you have part of the answer and you are looking for ways to increase the exposure of what you know. Again welcome for getting here however you got here.

Entrepreneur Community Online (E-ko for short) is a fantastic resource that provides support both technological and emotional (nothing better than finding a tribe that is going your way) at an affordable price point for beginning entrepreneurs or advanced entrepreneurs who are looking for a better way to use the internet to create a community presence and generate influence .

Check out the resources and scroll through the subscribe drop downs. You will find lots of information and ways to increase your ripple in the internet pond. What?s more this is a community of diverse people who support one another. So it is not just a technological brain dump waiting to fill you up with more techno-confusion.

I have to say that there aren?t many people more techno-challenged than me. Trying to use all the social media or the right social media and trying to get advice from the so-called social media experts who are one page ahead of me was puzzling if not confusing, with no real headway being made in the practical real-world results in ROI. Effort without pay is a hobby or a failed business. Here you will find experience in what works to make a business grow.

I like the information here, tested by real people. I like not having to blaze a trail in tech that I want to use like a TV (I know enough to turn it on and change channels; I don?t need an advanced degree to watch NCIS.) Here at ECO you will find guidelines to make your presence on the internet with both push and pull technology. (Help you create a presence and help you build a community where you are influential in your specialty.)

You already know how to make the world a better place. ECO will give you a bigger world to change.

Copied with permission from an email 11/13/11 from ECO Team Member Richard Garde