Lisa A Stavig attends Entrepreneur Community Online Super Saturday Event. This was an awesome Meet-Up sponsored by Entrepreneur Community Online. ECO is an online social media site geared just to Entrepreneurs. There were 4 key speakers and they gave such a huge amount of information that all new small business owners need. Linda Hughes is the brain behind ECO (Entrepreneur Community Online) and arranged the whole Meet-Up. It was held at Denver University in their Daniels School of Business. There were about 20 attendees. It was a day-long event and had lots of time for networking with other small business owners. I received lots of feedback on problems I was facing as well as pats on the back for any successes I had. Keep checking back here for more information on the next Meet-Up sponsored by ECO. Their link is on my home page. Check it out and join. It is a very worthwhile organization.

Posted in blog 3/22/11: