Linda has developed and implemented an excellent concept to help companies become expert in promoting their companies through Social Networking. In the 2-years I have worked with ECO, Linda has taught me a lot about Social Networking.

In particular, I have learned how to introduce my blogs and, by extension, my business to a wider market via Twitter. She has created Power Groups within ECO for specific application areas and I am part of the Global Business Group. Each member helps others in the group by tweeting the other member’s blogs on a daily basis.

From a very slow start, my company is now consistently at or near the top of Google and Twitter pages for searches on International Sales & Business Development plus Global Business Cultures & Etiquette, which are my specialties and much of that success is due to the training and coaching provided by Linda.

I would recommend any small business that wants to garner wider exposure for its business to go to the ECO site and see the diversity of the Groups on the site

Copied from Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 3/9/13