Hi Linda,

Thx for the excellent opening. I am thrilled at the opportunities you are creating, and as you would have guessed I have applied to be interviewed on Cap & Trade. As a matter of fact I am just soaking up the viewership and response that social media is creating and what we can achieve sitiing at remote locations of the world. 2009 has been a eye opener, an amazing experience. It was an extraordinary and eventful year in which I reached my milestones every quarter. The Copenhagen Gear shift was just the right icing on the cake, the annual bonus. Yes after I retired, I had decided to work 18 hours a day, and 10 hours a weekend and set up stiff quarterly targets. Targets for 2010 is going to be even tougher as I have to finish writing the book “Climate Change and Streetonomics” by Sept in addition to my blogging and presentations. My vision is to help grow the $ 10 billion Green Climate Fund to a $ 200 billion per annum Green Climate Fund and i am fairly confident that it can be achieved.

Linda, I am truly excited and thrilled with events and the awesome power my friends like you are providing and one day surely perhaps in 2011, I will meet you to express my thanks and gratitude in person.

Best rgds Sandip Sen

Email Post 1/2/10