Linda Hughes has done it again, big time, with her Weekly Tip at I Empower U Online Entrepreneur. Leveraging her years of experience and her up-to-the-minute research, she is supplying her readers with tips on everything they will need to succeed online. The first tip focuses on how to create a mobile-friendly website. It describes logically, and in easy-to-understand language, why your site needs to be mobile friendly, how your potential visitors will know you are friendly, how you will know, and — exactly what you need to do to make your site friendly. Instead of TIP subscribers having to painstakingly research each topic, she puts it all together for us ? saving hours of time, guesswork, and frustration. And, in case you don’t have time to do it yourself, she is offering her professional services at an incredibly reduced rate. For example, for $49.99 she will make your WordPress site mobile-friendly, an offer you can hardly refuse! These Tips are an absolute MUST for anyone hoping to create a successful online business.

Arlene Marom
Organizer of IsraelStartupNetwork

Copied from email with permission 6/16/15