I am a new business owner and joined ECO in March. I was interested in twitter and social media. I have an online Etsy shop and website and needed exposure. I had learned that in the world of online sales, a business can live or die on listing views.

So I was put into the Business to Consumer group on ECO. What a joy those other business owners are! They helped me to feel like a member of a community and not such an island. This very fun and lively group of entrepreneurs retweeted my tweets faithfully every day. And I retweeted them.

Now for the fun part. Recently Etsy has started displaying your individual shop statistics, only for the shop owner to see. They may have been doing this for a while and I just realized it. But the point is I did finally realize it and am completely amazed. My individual listing views double every time an ECO team member retweets my tweets. I had Linda Hughes retweet an item at a certain time and was able to see my views for that item double. Now when I see a rise in my listing views and I haven’t done anything, I know it is the power of ECO!

You might say “Show me the money!” Well, due to my higher listing views and my diligence in being a committed member of ECO, I have been able to form some strategic partnerships. A coffee shop in the Midwest found me through Etsy and they now carry my coffee sleeves in their shop. Several different groups have contacted me this week alone and I am now doing their craft fairs this holiday season which will definitely convert into sales. And yes, I have had sales online through my Etsy shop.

The other benefit of ECO is the people that you meet. I have utilized Pooja Khana’s (@bluekneemarket) expertise in marketing several times and I have been able to have support from Linda Hughes for my website and tweet account. My final thoughts are you get out of something what you put into to it. Put the effort into ECO and you will see the rewards. I did and am still seeing the rewards. Thank you Linda!

Copied from the ECO Blog from Team Member 11/4/11: