I love the ECO! Linda, and Mark are fantastic. I have learned so much through the process of working with them. They support you every step of the way. I am constantly amazed at all that they know and what they learn and pick up about all the new things and changes on the internet everyday. When I was looking to create my online presence and learn more about social media, I knew I wanted someone who was going to hold my hand and really “teach” me. I didn’t want a course or tele-seminar I could take where I would still have to make all the mistakes on my own and it would take tons of my time to understand what was going on. With the ECO they start out doing it for you and gradually give you the reins when you understand and have seen what they have done. The amount of time I have saved working with them is tremendous. I am very busy and juggle many things so working with someone who allows me to maximize the time I spend online marketing is crucial for me. I am so grateful to have manifested them into my life!

Email Post 1/3/10