Thank you for your help. As an entrepreneur, I didn’t know anything about how to develop an online business or even be aware of the need for an on-line identity. However, you and your ECO accelerator have provided great insight into getting up and running with an online presence. When I was starting on my own 4 years ago, you patiently taught me how to identify my target market and create my “brand”. You helped me set up my website, create my Twitter account, learn how to blog, and tie everything together so that all of the efforts supported each other. I had no idea how to do these things, and didn’t even know where to look. But, you were patient and had so much excess knowledge that you could see where I was going on the wrong path way before I had any idea.

What’s more, you and the ECO Power Teams greatly magnified my efforts and allowed me to get some national exposure after only a few months. Your insight into the strategy of using the Power teams to multiply tweets and re-tweets was an insight that you developed based on your extensive research into how the web really works.

Now that I am with a firm, and not an entrepreneur anymore, you are still there helping me to build a book of business within the framework of being an associate in a firm.

Your insights into how to greatly magnify the presence of an individual entrepreneur in the dense forest of billions of webpages is simply brilliant.

Thank you for spending your precious time with me and on my business development activities!

Rande Treece, Ph.D
Patent Agent/Technical Specialist at Lathrop & Gage LLP

Copied from Linda M Hughes Linkedin Account 10/13/15