...Working with Linda has put me at the top of Linkedin Sales Navigator's Social Selling Index..

Eric Snethkamp

Working with Linda has been a wonderful experience. She's incredibly knowledgeable and gifted in what she does and shares her guidance and time generously to achieve the best results for her clients. Working with Linda has put me at the top of Linkedin Sales Navigator's Social Selling Index amongst my co-workers. In fact, no one is even close.

Copied with permission from Linda M Hughes Linkedin Profile: 4/3/17

...I can focus on my business without any web site concerns with Linda on the job

Mark Mueller Personal Trainer Denver CO

Linda Hughes started helping me with blog/web site building and maintenance nine years ago. I have come to know Linda to be a person of high integrity who will do what she says she'll do when she says she'll do it. I trust her to get the job done if it is in her ability to do it, and she is a very capable person when it comes to SEO and blog/web site maintenance and security. Linda keeps everything on my site up to date and protected and she keeps a regular watchful eye on everything so that I don't have to. She's very creative when it comes to design in many facets as well. I can focus on my business without any web site concerns with Linda on the job!

Reprinted from email with permission 3/29/17

..........She has been a great addition to our marketing group

Melissa Stenger, ISONAS

Linda has been a great asset to round out our marketing strategy. We are a small company and as social media has become a communication outlet it was important to add a resource to our business who was an expert in this field. Linda has brought this expertise and more. She has a full understanding of twitter, linked in and she also handles our blog. She is quick to react to our constantly changing business and brings great ideas in how to expand our footprint. She has been a great addition to our marketing group!

Melissa Stenger
Director of Customer Experience l ISONAS, Inc l isonas.com

Copied with permission from Linda M Hughes email 12/7/15

..........the effectiveness of her work was clear from the numbers

When our company began working with Linda, we were new to social media. She worked closely (and patiently!) with us to identify the right channels, schedules, and activities to meet our strategic goals and to integrate social media into our broader marketing communication activities. Linda's impressive technical knowledge and goal-oriented approach aligned perfectly with our metric-driven marketing efforts, and the effectiveness of her work was clear from the numbers. On Twitter alone, we saw a 417% increase in relevant followers in less than 18 months with Linda's help.

Bob Fallbeck,
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Copied with permission from Linda M Hughes email 12/3/15

".........you patiently taught me how to... create my "brand"

Rande Treece

Thank you for your help. As an entrepreneur, I didn't know anything about how to develop an online business or even be aware of the need for an on-line identity. However, you and your ECO accelerator have provided great insight into getting up and running with an online presence. When I was starting on my own 4 years ago, you patiently taught me how to identify my target market and create my "brand". You helped me set up my website, create my Twitter account, learn how to blog, and tie everything together so that all of the efforts supported each other. I had no idea how to do these things, and didn't even know where to look. But, you were patient and had so much excess knowledge that you could see where I was going on the wrong path way before I had any idea.

What's more, you and the ECO Power Teams greatly magnified my efforts and allowed me to get some national exposure after only a few months. Your insight into the strategy of using the Power teams to multiply tweets and re-tweets was an insight that you developed based on your extensive research into how the web really works.

Now that I am with a firm, and not an entrepreneur anymore, you are still there helping me to build a book of business within the framework of being an associate in a firm.

Your insights into how to greatly magnify the presence of an individual entrepreneur in the dense forest of billions of webpages is simply brilliant.

Thank you for spending your precious time with me and on my business development activities!

Rande Treece, Ph.D
Patent Agent/Technical Specialist at Lathrop & Gage LLP

Copied from Linda M Hughes Linkedin Account 10/13/15

..........she puts it all together for us ... saving hours of time, guesswork, and frustration

Arlene Shubow Marom

Linda Hughes has done it again, big time, with her Weekly Tip at I Empower U Online Entrepreneur. Leveraging her years of experience and her up-to-the-minute research, she is supplying her readers with tips on everything they will need to succeed online. The first tip focuses on how to create a mobile-friendly website. It describes logically, and in easy-to-understand language, why your site needs to be mobile friendly, how your potential visitors will know you are friendly, how you will know, and --- exactly what you need to do to make your site friendly. Instead of TIP subscribers having to painstakingly research each topic, she puts it all together for us ? saving hours of time, guesswork, and frustration. And, in case you don't have time to do it yourself, she is offering her professional services at an incredibly reduced rate. For example, for $49.99 she will make your Wordpress site mobile-friendly, an offer you can hardly refuse! These Tips are an absolute MUST for anyone hoping to create a successful online business.

Arlene Marom
Organizer of IsraelStartupNetwork

Copied from email with permission 6/16/15

..........we highly recommend Linda and ECO

Heavenly Hounds Healthy Dog Treats - Gluten Free

We are a home-based business that was in dire need of on online overhaul. After all, our strength is creating dog treats, not websites! Linda was referred to us by a business associate and we could not be happier with her services. She took the time to sit down with us, in person, to get to know us and our business goals. We now have a professional looking website where consumers can purchase our products. Linda and ECO have also provided us with invaluable tools and techniques for maximizing our online presence. We highly recommend Linda and ECO!

Dave and Sammi Meek
Heavenly Hounds, LLC

Copied with permission from email sent May 25, 2015

..........regard Linda Hughes and ECO as a critical part of my business

Russell Harverson

Linda & ECO have been the most invaluable part of any of my business endeavors. Because of Linda and her expertise in online marketing I have been able to achieve huge success with any of my sites that she has built for me. I have learnt so much from her vast knowledge in online marketing and social media that I am confident I have a bright business future ahead. If you take what she teaches you and apply and then continue to apply and learn more and try different things you will succeed as well. I have never run into anyone with as much to offer the online entrepreneur before or since I met Linda, I will always regard Linda and ECO as a critical part of my business and partnering with her was the best thing I ever did.

Copied from email with permission 9/24/13:

..........a place to share some of the burdens and the support I need to help me grow

Steve Barru

I am a member of the ECO China Power Team. Before explaining what the China Power Team does, let me say a word about ECO ? the Entrepreneurs Community Online. In a sense the name says it all. ECO brings together people who are building businesses, anything from a company making robotic security guards to a startup making leather cases for iPads to people like me developing international consulting businesses. In addition to helping us learn how to use the internet and social media to develop our businesses, ECO provides a forum for entrepreneurs to share experiences and insights with each other. Knowing that other people face the same challenges I do is helpful in and of itself. But of still more value to me has been the opportunity to share not only problems but solutions to problems with like-minded business people.

An ECO Power Team brings together the strengths of a small group of entrepreneurs whose businesses are focused in the same area. I am currently working with three other people who have China-related businesses. While our business interests overlap, none of us are direct competitors. The relationships that I have developed with the other team members are downright powerful. All of us are richer and more successful for these contacts. As we share our experiences and ideas about the future, synergies and possible areas of cooperation emerge. After several months in the China Power Team, I am developing a strong partnership with one team member and finding ways to work together on specific projects with a second team member. The invaluable support of my Power Team colleagues has been a real confidence builder as I move ahead developing my business.

As entrepreneurs, we commit to doing a great deal on our own. Joining an ECO Power Team has given me a place to share some of the burdens and the support I need to help me grow.

Copied from email with permission 5/19/13:

..........getting our company's brand more visible...

I originally met Linda through a colleague when I was looking for assistance with a social media strategy. What that means is that I had absolutely zero idea how to integrate social media into the marketing mix of my company. I ended up hiring her to be the blog and twitter arm of the company and to assist in getting our company's brand more visible. In 6 months she had us listed on the 1st page for the search terms most applicable to our business. She is the most knowledgeable and apt person in this space that I have ever met. Hire her.

Copied from Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 4/2/13

..........Linda has taught me a lot about Social Networking

David Keenan

Linda has developed and implemented an excellent concept to help companies become expert in promoting their companies through Social Networking. In the 2-years I have worked with ECO, Linda has taught me a lot about Social Networking.

In particular, I have learned how to introduce my blogs and, by extension, my business to a wider market via Twitter. She has created Power Groups within ECO for specific application areas and I am part of the Global Business Group. Each member helps others in the group by tweeting the other member's blogs on a daily basis.

From a very slow start, my company is now consistently at or near the top of Google and Twitter pages for searches on International Sales & Business Development plus Global Business Cultures & Etiquette, which are my specialties and much of that success is due to the training and coaching provided by Linda.

I would recommend any small business that wants to garner wider exposure for its business to go to the ECO site and see the diversity of the Groups on the site

Copied from Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 3/9/13

..........the value of a strategic, team oriented approach to social media

Peter Adams

ECO has taught me the power of Twitter. When I first got involved with ECO about a year ago, I was an occasional tweeter with the expected so-so results. ECO and the power team concept have totally changed my perception about the value of a strategic, team oriented approach to social media. Since working with ECO I have been named one of the top 25 Tweeters in the area of Venture Capital. This has led to Wiley Press, the largest business book publisher in the U.S. contacting me with the offer of a book deal on Venture Capital. I signed the contract just the other day, something that never would have happened without ECO Power Teams.

Copied from Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 2/14/13

..........Linda's my "go to" social media person as she hits the ROI goal every time

Kevin Johansen

There are all different kinds of social media experts out there. Most can show you and tell you how the system works. A very few actually know how to work the system. Linda's discipline is unique to my experience, in that she ties her efforts to ROI. That?s pretty audacious, and only those who know how to work the system would even try to work with their customers this way. Linda does, and she's done it this way from Day 1. Waste your time and your money with others if you'd like, but Linda's my "go to" social media person as she hits the ROI goal every time.

Copied from Linda Hughes email with permission 10/18/12

..........Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

B Hopkins

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
I recommend if you are an entrepreneur, to check out the Entrepreneur Community Online. It has a good foundation in place to get help if you are an entrepreneur in the areas you are weak in. Let's face it, we aren't experts in all areas of business and you need to find team members who can support your business into being successful. This is the place to find them.? June 22, 2012

Copied from Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 6/22/12

..........15+ Top Blogs for Small Biz Owners


June 4, 2012: Dr. Shannon Reece@DrShannonReece15+ Top Blogs for Small Biz Owners@iempoweruwins top blog for@IntlEntreprenr@NJGreatsadvice & great toolshttp://bit.ly/JOqsqn

..........keep moving forward with the blog and everything related to it

Becky DeStigter

YOU WERE RIGHT, LINDA!!!! If I keep moving forward with the blog and everything related to it, I'll eventually start making it onto the Google Alerts. This just affirms what I've said for years - always listen to Linda Hughes and do what she says!

On a related note, I've been logging in over 500 hits for the last 30 days for over a month now. Readers are from over 100 countries with half my hits coming from Colorado (my #1 target market).

Thanks for all of your support through the years. Becky

Copied with permission from an email sent by Becky DeStigter April 9, 2012 as her blog started showing up on Google Alerts:

..........Top Woman Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter


March 20, 2012:Top Woman Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter@grasshopperhttp://bit.ly/1BXOFG6Follow@iempoweru

..........found a great place to start my experience in the social media

Ariela Beniluz

Being new in on this subject of social media, I'm happy to share with you my experience with http://www.entrepreneurcommunityonline.com - ECO.

Having the need to promote our product with zero budget I had run into one of Linda Hughes's tweets and took her invitation to introduce myself to her.

That has happened less than a month ago. I started with building a twitter account from zero, and I can happily say my account has already gained more than 130 followers, most of them related to our target market and through some of those we got promotions and business opportunities.

For me ECO was not only a "crash course" with very good intuitive video tutorials that gave me the basic tools for building my social media presence. I found a group of experts motivated to help each other with their expertise.

Being able to approach Linda on any simple question I may have, getting quick and useful answers, have helped me a lot. I was not promised to have instant results without efforts, but implementing the new knowledge I got along with having constant support and backup, I feel I found a great place to start my experience in the social media world. I suggest you visit the site and read a little to see if it can suit you too. Good luck!

..........I like the information here, tested by real people

Richard Garde

Well, you found your way here. Congratulations! I know a lot about you already by that fact. You are hungry, smart and curious. You see things a bit differently than most of the folks you know. You know there is a better way and you have part of the answer and you are looking for ways to increase the exposure of what you know. Again welcome for getting here however you got here.

Entrepreneur Community Online (E-ko for short) is a fantastic resource that provides support both technological and emotional (nothing better than finding a tribe that is going your way) at an affordable price point for beginning entrepreneurs or advanced entrepreneurs who are looking for a better way to use the internet to create a community presence and generate influence .

Check out the resources and scroll through the subscribe drop downs. You will find lots of information and ways to increase your ripple in the internet pond. What?s more this is a community of diverse people who support one another. So it is not just a technological brain dump waiting to fill you up with more techno-confusion.

I have to say that there aren?t many people more techno-challenged than me. Trying to use all the social media or the right social media and trying to get advice from the so-called social media experts who are one page ahead of me was puzzling if not confusing, with no real headway being made in the practical real-world results in ROI. Effort without pay is a hobby or a failed business. Here you will find experience in what works to make a business grow.

I like the information here, tested by real people. I like not having to blaze a trail in tech that I want to use like a TV (I know enough to turn it on and change channels; I don?t need an advanced degree to watch NCIS.) Here at ECO you will find guidelines to make your presence on the internet with both push and pull technology. (Help you create a presence and help you build a community where you are influential in your specialty.)

You already know how to make the world a better place. ECO will give you a bigger world to change.

Copied with permission from an email 11/13/11 from ECO Team Member Richard Garde

..........Show me the money!

Lisa A Stavig

I am a new business owner and joined ECO in March. I was interested in twitter and social media. I have an online Etsy shop and website and needed exposure. I had learned that in the world of online sales, a business can live or die on listing views.

So I was put into the Business to Consumer group on ECO. What a joy those other business owners are! They helped me to feel like a member of a community and not such an island. This very fun and lively group of entrepreneurs retweeted my tweets faithfully every day. And I retweeted them.

Now for the fun part. Recently Etsy has started displaying your individual shop statistics, only for the shop owner to see. They may have been doing this for a while and I just realized it. But the point is I did finally realize it and am completely amazed. My individual listing views double every time an ECO team member retweets my tweets. I had Linda Hughes retweet an item at a certain time and was able to see my views for that item double. Now when I see a rise in my listing views and I haven't done anything, I know it is the power of ECO!

You might say "Show me the money!" Well, due to my higher listing views and my diligence in being a committed member of ECO, I have been able to form some strategic partnerships. A coffee shop in the Midwest found me through Etsy and they now carry my coffee sleeves in their shop. Several different groups have contacted me this week alone and I am now doing their craft fairs this holiday season which will definitely convert into sales. And yes, I have had sales online through my Etsy shop.

The other benefit of ECO is the people that you meet. I have utilized Pooja Khana's (@bluekneemarket) expertise in marketing several times and I have been able to have support from Linda Hughes for my website and tweet account. My final thoughts are you get out of something what you put into to it. Put the effort into ECO and you will see the rewards. I did and am still seeing the rewards. Thank you Linda!

Copied from the ECO Blog from Team Member 11/4/11:

..........#9 of 25 Most Influential Women Tweeting About Entrepreneurship

..........if there is a way to meet your needs, they will be met

Arlene Shubow Marom

I have personally met with the people behind this initiative (Denver, Colorado, December 2010) and was deeply impressed with them. I have total confidence in their abilities, vision, fairness, and open-mindedness, as well as their dedication to making ECO continuously more valuable for startups. They have a strong desire to ensure that every startup, no matter how early stage and no matter where located, will have an equal shot at success. The ECO site is growing rapidly; new content is being added every day. You are welcome to suggest content of importance to you, and to suggest the types of advisors you would like to see on the site. I promise you, your voice will be heard, and if there is a way to meet your needs, they will be met! The CEO, Linda Hughes, has a habit of bending over backwards to help people attain their dreams. We will be creating an Israel section on the site. Please consider ECO a welcoming spot in the universe where you will find the help you need to get where you are going.

Personal Endorsement Sent To Members of Arlene Marom's business network regarding the 1st ECO Webinar 8/2/11, reprinted with permission

..........I typically do not take on someone as a vendor unless they are top notch

Candis Kloverstrom

Thank you for everything you have done. You have no idea how much I appreciate all your help. There just are not a lot of folks out there who do what you do and give what you give. Most think of their business and themselves first and it is obvious. I can't tell you how many people have approached me about how bad they think I rank on the net and then solicit my business with they have the greatest solution since sliced bread. You on the other hand show people you care. As the saying goes, people do not care until they know how much you care and you have proven that. I typically do not take on someone as a vendor unless they are top notch. Thank you.

Posted with permission from an email received 4/25/11

..........Linda is a great entrepreneur, teacher and mentor

Kevin Townsend

Linda is a great entrepreneur, teacher and mentor. She is great at helping entrepreneurs get started, develop and be successful in managing their marketing, social media, contacts, leads, and creating online and local business communities all over the world.

Posted in Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 4/24/11

..........My social media clout has increased phenomenally and Linda was instrumental in enabling this

Pooja Khanna

It has always been a pleasure to work with Linda. She is absolutely amazing in her follow up and always meets her commitments. By joining the ECO community, I received tremendous support from Linda and the other entrepreneurs in the community. My social media clout has increased phenomenally and Linda was instrumental in enabling this. I highly recommend other entrepreneurs and startups to join the ECO network and work with Linda.

Posted in Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 4/24/11:

..........I also am so grateful for everything you have taught me

Cassie Parks

I just wanted to say I am so grateful to know you. I just got back from coaching at Life Directions (a Peak Potentials event). It was so amazing! I truly need to thank you for that because she found me last year through my videos. And I also am so grateful for everything you have taught me. I am going to start a new website. (Kira laughs every time I buy a new domain name, but I know they are all going to pay off). I was just looking at the competition for it and as I look through the websites I am just so glad I know you because I can easily get to the top. I look at some other people and I feel so blessed because I know what to do, and I never would have figured that out without you.

Posted with permission from an email received 4/11/11

..........I received lots of feedback on problems I was facing

Lisa A Stavig

Lisa A Stavig attends Entrepreneur Community Online Super Saturday Event. This was an awesome Meet-Up sponsored by Entrepreneur Community Online. ECO is an online social media site geared just to Entrepreneurs. There were 4 key speakers and they gave such a huge amount of information that all new small business owners need. Linda Hughes is the brain behind ECO (Entrepreneur Community Online) and arranged the whole Meet-Up. It was held at Denver University in their Daniels School of Business. There were about 20 attendees. It was a day-long event and had lots of time for networking with other small business owners. I received lots of feedback on problems I was facing as well as pats on the back for any successes I had. Keep checking back here for more information on the next Meet-Up sponsored by ECO. Their link is on my home page. Check it out and join. It is a very worthwhile organization.

Posted in LisaAStavig.com blog 3/22/11:

..........Linda took her company global right from inception "born global"

Becky DeStigter

I've worked with Linda on several projects over the past year and a half. What strikes me most about Linda is that everything she says and does is of substance and meaning. She is focused and energized. Linda pours so much of herself and her company into helping entrepreneurs around the world to get the support they need to succeed. It's inspiring!

In addition to her strong entrepreneurial and business background Linda is always listening, learning and absorbing new ideas and information into herself and her company.

She is one of those rare leaders who successfully took her company global right from inception "born global". She knew how to make the right connections and then cultivate those relationships for mutual long-term benefit.

Considering Linda's company launch and early success, I think she is a rising star in her field and one to watch.

Posted in Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 3/16/11:

..........If you only know two people on twitter these are two GREAT contacts!

Rick Hagler

Itll_Be_OK Rick Hagler:@TCFS_guy @iempoweru If you only know two people on twitter these are two GREAT contacts! Both are genuine and sincere,.a lucky find 4 me

February 27, 2011

..........Ms. Hughes has a strong business leadership skill-set as well as an effective communication style

Shaunese Cradle

I worked with Ms. Hughes as a volunteer at this year's Angel Capital Summit at the University of Denver Daniels College of Business. Ms. Hughes not only provided exceptional direction for all of the volunteers, her work ethic and professional acumen made the entire 2-day event run seamlessly. Ms. Hughes has a strong business leadership skill-set as well as an effective communication style. I look forward to working with her again.

Posted in Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 12/10/10

..........I highly recommend to hire Linda's firm for work

Chia Li Chien

We have been so successful in our social media & marketing effort from Linda's work. She is very creative on what to say and attract followers. Most importantly her follow-up is incredible. In addition to the Social Media and Marketing work, she was the COO for The Angel Capital Summit 2010. I had the opportunity to see her in action of not only mobilize 500+ volunteers, but also successfully ran the event. Her selections of workshop instructors, presenting companies and venue is top notch. I highly recommend to hire Linda's firm for work. She is a true connector that can help you get the right leads!

Posted in Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 12/9/10

..........#7 top woman for entrepreneurs to follow on twitter

July 26, 2010 Forbes Magazine 2010 & @WomanzWorld pick Linda Hughes aka@iempoweruas the#7 top woman for entrepreneurs to follow on twitter

..........I highly recommend this training to any entrepreneur who is looking to build a client base

Patti Sommers

Linda's Tweeting for Business Class is dynamite! Within hours of setting up and utilizing my Twitter account I got a paying customer and a great lead! I fully understand the power of this social media tool for business networking now. I highly recommend this training to any entrepreneur who is looking to build a client base. Thank you Linda! The class has already paid for itself.

Posted July 24, 2010

..........Invaluable in team efforts

Dru Shockley

"Linda is amazing. She can listen intently and studiously to a bunch of shared ideas and distill the core that needs to be focused on. Invaluable in team efforts. No wonder she tireless generates golden-nugget tweets for her clients. If you can't afford her, at least follow her."

Posted in Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 5/19/10

..........The amount of time I have saved working with them is tremendous

Cassie Parks

I love the ECO! Linda, and Mark are fantastic. I have learned so much through the process of working with them. They support you every step of the way. I am constantly amazed at all that they know and what they learn and pick up about all the new things and changes on the internet everyday. When I was looking to create my online presence and learn more about social media, I knew I wanted someone who was going to hold my hand and really "teach" me. I didn't want a course or tele-seminar I could take where I would still have to make all the mistakes on my own and it would take tons of my time to understand what was going on. With the ECO they start out doing it for you and gradually give you the reins when you understand and have seen what they have done. The amount of time I have saved working with them is tremendous. I am very busy and juggle many things so working with someone who allows me to maximize the time I spend online marketing is crucial for me. I am so grateful to have manifested them into my life!

Email Post 1/3/10

..........Linda, I am truly excited and thrilled with events

Sandip Scan

Hi Linda,

Thx for the excellent opening. I am thrilled at the opportunities you are creating, and as you would have guessed I have applied to be interviewed on Cap & Trade. As a matter of fact I am just soaking up the viewership and response that social media is creating and what we can achieve sitiing at remote locations of the world. 2009 has been a eye opener, an amazing experience. It was an extraordinary and eventful year in which I reached my milestones every quarter. The Copenhagen Gear shift was just the right icing on the cake, the annual bonus. Yes after I retired, I had decided to work 18 hours a day, and 10 hours a weekend and set up stiff quarterly targets. Targets for 2010 is going to be even tougher as I have to finish writing the book "Climate Change and Streetonomics" by Sept in addition to my blogging and presentations. My vision is to help grow the $ 10 billion Green Climate Fund to a $ 200 billion per annum Green Climate Fund and i am fairly confident that it can be achieved.

Linda, I am truly excited and thrilled with events and the awesome power my friends like you are providing and one day surely perhaps in 2011, I will meet you to express my thanks and gratitude in person.

Best rgds Sandip Sen

Email Post 1/2/10

..........the effort of team tweeting

Sandip Scan

Hi Linda & others; I just received this message from slideshare which speaks a lot about the effort of team tweeting. So I thought I should share and say thank you.

"COP15,Bullshitting 15 Years On Climate Change" is being tweeted more than any other document on SlideShare right now. So we've put it on the homepage of SlideShare.net (in the "Hot on Twitter" section). Well done, you!

- SlideShare Team

Email Post 9/18/09 between Sandip Sen and ECO Team

..........helped me take a start up concept to a brand that is now having world-wide exposure

Richard Garde

Linda came highly recommended by several business leaders on the regional and national levels. She did not disappoint, she exceeded my expectations. She has helped me take a start up concept to a brand that is now having world-wide exposure. It has been a joy and pleasure working with Linda. I couldn't say enough about how she has helped me.

Posted in Linda Hughes LinkedIn Account 6/2/09