Thank you for subscribing to the Weekly Tips from IempowerU Online EntrepreneurWe are ready to begin!  You are here because we have already determined that your site will easily become “mobile friendly” with the addition/activation and configuring of  a plugin.

If we have not reviewed your site to make this determination yet, please contact us ASAP!

Step #1:

Before we will download, upload, activate, configure and test the WPTouch Mobile Pro Plugin, we need you to make sure that your wordpress core, plugins and your current theme are updated to the most current version.  If you need assistance with this please visit this page.

Step #2:

Please download, read and then file the following pdf of our e-signed confidentiality agreement for your files.

Confidentiality Agreement 2015

Step #3:
We will need the following information before we can start:

a) Site url
b) Username, password for the dashboard of your site:
In order to protect your privacy, we ask you to send us this information in the following manner:

  • Send us a contact form listing your name and the url of your wordpress website
  • Email the username of the wordpress dashboard of the same site to: [email protected]
  • Text your password to the following number: 720-300-5999(Linda Hughes cell phone number). Remember to include your name in the text so we know who it came from

This method ensures that these 3 pieces of information can not be put together and will avoid a potential security breach.

c) As an extra pre-caution, after we are done and you have given us the “all done” on this assignment, please change both your username and password.

IempowerU Online Entrepreneur empowers you to learn how to connect anywhere to find more customers, make more moneyStep #4:

Here is what we will be doing:
a) We will login to your site dashboard
b) We will download, upload, activate, configure and test the WPTouch Mobile Pro Plugin that add features that enable “mobile friendliness” to your existing wordpress website configuration
c) We will retest your site with google and send you an image of the successful test

After we have installed this plugin, you will have access to so many more potential customers! Stay tuned for your next Weekly Tip!