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I want to help you learn what you need to know to find more customers to make more money on the internet from your website and online activities. And to save you time doing both.

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Initially, I am going to divide these tips into 4 categories.

  • Tips that will improve the functionality of your existing website/blog, specifically wordpress. If you do not have a wordpress website/blog, please read these tips anyway. If you have purchased a website package, ask them to add these things on for you. If you or another designer have created your website in another platform, find out if the tip extras are available and then install them. And you might want to read more about wordpress, and then make the switch. Either way, contact me for a brainstorming session.
  • Tips that will generate more website traffic with tools from google and other sources. Unless your website is getting qualified traffic, you won’t be able to get more customers. Google has made available an incredible suite of free tools for small business, let’s use them. Most of these tips can be used with any website platform. In most cases, integration between wordpress and the free tools are done easily with a plugin.
  • Tips that will introduce you to the best way to present your unique products/services. One size does not fit all. But, on the internet, there is a way that is most appropriate for you and your market. Examples would include article, webinar, text and email marketing.
  • Tips that will enhance your ability to convert your traffic from marketing to sales. First we get targeted traffic from the right presentation of your subject matter expertise. And then we convert their interest to sales.

In order to save you even more time, I might ask you to complete surveys. I will send you an abbreviated version of your answers when completed. We can review these surveys together or you can strategize privately. In either case, these tips and surveys will be giving you the information you need to do it yourself. If you started at the beginning of the tips and the beginning questions on the surveys and set up every tip/question as a task to be completed, you would be able to strategize, create and improve a dynamite online presence, in the right order, by yourself.

But, if you are too busy running your business to do these things, I have a solution. I will do it for you, the price and method to outsource to us will always be included.

Finding More Customers & Making More Money On The Internet with IempowerU Online EntrepreneurLet’s get started! Please jump around between the following 2 lists for new or backup information, as is appropriate for you.

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Tips To Improve Your Existing Online Presence To Find More Customers:

1) Review Your Existing Online Presence, To Include Your Website Or Blog
2) Your Annual Website Checkup
3) Is It Time For A Website Facelift?
4) Making Your Site Mobile Friendly
5) Don’t Get Caught Operating Your WordPress Site Without These 9 Plugins!
6) 10 Rules To Posting Great Content
7) Are You Using This Free Google Tool?

Tips To Create Your Online Presence To Find More Customers:

1) Who Is Your Customer?
2) The WHY Component
3) Who Are You?
4) Selecting Your Keywords Part 1 – What Words Do You Use?
5) Selecting Your Keywords Part 2 -How Much Traffic Do You Need?
6) Selecting Your Keywords Part 3 -Search Volume Per Word
7) Selecting Your Keywords Part 4 – Your Sweet Spot Between Search & Competition
8) Selecting Your Keywords Part 5 – Put Those Keywords To Work Now
9) What Is Your Exit Strategy
10) An Online Marketing/Sales Plan That Works – Part 1